Babinda Kayaking

Re-opening soon!

Fantastic Kayak Self Tour is coming back!!

…with Stand-up Paddleboards


Nestled in the Valley between Queensland’s two highest mountains is Australia’s wettest town, Babinda.  Permanently flowing mountain streams provide the rare opportunity to experience the beauty of Mother Nature’s Masterpiece.  Kayak down the gently flowing waters of Babinda Creek. A pristine, crystal clear mountain stream teeming with fish, turtles and the elusive platypus.

Take on a couple of mini rapids (or ripples) along the way, stop on a secluded beach for some lunch and a swim, then float downstream to your pick-up point.  What a way to spend a day!

Online bookings for school holidays and Christmas will be available soon…

In the meantime I can be contacted here.

Re-opening soon

16th December 2017

Countdown !!!








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